Remarks by Minister Biruta at Rwanda Green Fund E-Mobility Event

Good afternoon!

I am pleased to join you for this exciting event on e-mobility and the announcement of the new investments for the Rwanda Green Fund – FONERWA.

I would like to begin by thanking our guest speakers for joining us today, and especially Hiten Palmar who has travelled from South Africa to share experience from his country.

Rwanda has a rapidly growing population, especially in urban areas. This brings with it challenges such as traffic congestion and air pollution. As we strive to achieve our priorities under Vision 2050 – we are especially looking at developing modern infrastructure and livelihoods.

For Rwanda to achieve the green growth targets, we must find innovative solution to address the issues of growing urbanization. To do so, green cities are being promoted in Kigali and secondary cities. There is no doubt the green urbanisation and mobility go hand in hand. How we move from A to B is a critical component of a city life.

One of the challenges we are facing in our cities in air pollution. In fact, emissions from vehicles is the largest source of pollution in urban areas. In some places and at some times of the day near roadways, the level of pollution is three times the WHO recommended limit. We have a lot of work to do to provide a clean and healthy environment for citizens.

E-mobility comes as one part of the solution to the pollution problem in Rwanda’s cities.

We are grateful for the partnerships of the German Government through KFW and UNEP towards greening our cities and I am glad that the e-mobility solutions have considered in the green city pilot. We are at the beginning of the process

This partnership we have started will serve as an example for a paradigm shift in providing solutions to the way of life in cities. We will continue to count on the support to realize Rwanda’s vision of green growth that is increasingly a significant marker of our sustainable development vision.

We must also remember that e-mobility is not just about vehicles, but also other forms of transport including cable cars. We must have all options on the table if we are to provide citizens with the mobility solutions they deserve and that don’t damage our environment.

I would like to once again thank our partners and look forward to continued collaboration.

Thank you for your attention.